Recommendations for humanitarian aid workers

  • Review CDC recommendations for humanitarian aid workers traveling to Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreaks in these countries.
  • The recommendations include steps to take before departure, during travel, and upon return to the United States.

Before traveling

  • visit with a travel medicine provider, pack needed medical supplies and first aid items, verify whether your health insurance plan will provide appropriate coverage
  • register travel plans with UC Trips insurance
  • strongly consider attending CDC training course
  • identify travel restrictions that may affect your travel, register with the U.S. embassy and locate places where you can get health care in the destination country.
  • Discuss leave policy and obtain approval from supervisor/department chair

During travel

  • practice careful hygiene such as the following: avoid contact with blood, body fluids, and bodies of people who have died from Ebola; avoid contact with animals, raw or undercooked meat, and bushmeat; and avoid hospitals in Ebola-affected countries where Ebola patients are being treated.
  • Aid workers who may have been exposed to Ebola during travel should notify their organization and the U.S. embassy or consulate at their destination.

After returning to the U.S.

  • monitor your health for 21 days and seek medical care immediately if you develop symptoms of Ebola infection.
  • If you may have been exposed to Ebola during your trip, you should notify your doctor even if you do not have symptoms.

Special precautions for humanitarian aid workers working in health care settings.

  • Aid workers working in health care settings should follow additional precautions, including but not limited to wearing the right personal protective equipment, using proper prevention and control measures, learning the signs and symptoms of Ebola to properly identify and triage patients, and avoiding direct, unprotected contact with bodies of people have died from Ebola.
  • Healthcare personnel with direct or some “close contact” with patients with Ebola may need to restrict travel for 21 days following the last known exposure to Ebola virus

The full text of the guidance can be found on CDC’s website.